phpSimpleDoc is a documentation generator ; it generates HTML documentation from PHP source code.
Released under the terms of the General Public Licence (GPL), version 3 or later.

Requires PHP 5.2 or higher.

This project started in november 2007 ; it is hosted by since june 2008.
Examples of API documentations generated by phpSimpleDoc :

PHP Frameworks

CakePHP Browse Download
Symfony Browse Download
Zend Framework Browse Download
CodeIgniter Browse Download


Wordpress 3.0 full Browse Download All files except javascript and images
Wordpress 3.0 small Browse Download Only wp-includes and files of root directory
Wordpress 2.9 Browse Download
Joomla 1.5 Browse Download


phpSimpleDoc Browse The program documented by itself
PHP built-in classes and functions Browse This documentation only lists the elements without their descriptions, but there is at least one useful page : the php class hierarchy, which shows class and interface inheritances of PHP built-in classes.